One more week! EEK!

Happy New Year!

We’ve all been desperate to put 2020 to bed since March and it finally feels like we can! Things won’t change overnight, but they will change. For the better. If we all put that into the universe with enough force, it has to happen, right?

Like you, I’ve had a pretty busy December. From the cover reveal to doing takeovers to figuring out which pajamas I should  don on Christmas. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I made time to binge Bridgerton! And holy Duke of Hastings, am I glad I did! I may have drooled through the entire 8 episodes. I mean. . .just look at him!


Aside from a new beginning for all of us in 2021, I’ve got a personal new achievement to look forward to in less than one week: the release of Kismet in the Sky! I’m excited and scared and thrilled and anxious! In just a few days, the my debut will be available on Kindle! Paperback copies are already live and I’m slowly getting some advanced reviews in. 

Want to know what people are saying? Here are a few tid-bits:

“Hold on to your hats, my reader friends, because there’s a new writer on the romance scene, and her terrific debut novel is well worth the read. Her voice is seasoned and compelling, and this first offering has more polish and shine than some traditionally published books I’ve read recently.” -Goodreads    

 “It’s filled with strong, loving, Indian family traditions and bonds, heartbreak & loss, endearing & beautifully written characters, forbidden romance, undeniable chemistry, and fate! You couldn’t ask for anything more.” -Goodreads 


I can’t wait for you to get your hands on Kismet in the Sky and tell me what you thought of it!

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