Rani Shah is everything I can’t have–too young, too sweet, too innocent. Not to mention, she’s my late wife’s sister and my son’s nanny.

So when she asked me to kiss her, I should have refused.

When she begged me to touch her, I could have turned her down.

When she coaxed me to take the one thing she’s never given away–her virginity–a better man would have walked away.

Should have, could have, would have . . .

But I didn’t.

She should have been living the carefree life of a nineteen-year-old.

She could have avoided all my broken pieces and jagged edges.

She would have been able to save herself before I got a taste.

Should have, could have, would have . . .

But she didn’t.

Some love stories are forbidden from the start.

Ours is one of them.

My Darling Neighbor

I’m pregnant with my neighbor’s baby, but here’s the kicker . . . we can’t stand each other.


It all started when my bathroom sprang a leak, and I booked short-term lodging in his vacant apartment. 

Turns out, it wasn’t available . . . or vacant.


One big misunderstanding later, and he’s practically throwing me out like yesterday’s trash.


He might think his half-ass apology, devilish smirk, and alluring hazel eyes will get him back in my good graces, but he’d be sorely mistaken. Because I, Sita Stewart, am allured by no man! Not even if he comes in the sexiest, most deliciously infuriating, six-foot-two package with a checkered bow tie. 


But when the tension between us threatens to cause a category five hurricane, I decide to put it to bed once and for all. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically . . . you get the picture. 


And when the storm finally settles, I’m left with a case of morning sickness and a craving for more. 


More of him


Because underneath all the layers of grouchiness is a broken man I fear I’m falling for. A man who says he wants me and our little bean sprout, too.


But right when Mr. P. Cooke gives me a glimpse of the life I’ve always wanted, his past comes tearing in like a tornado, ready to cause devastation. 


The question is, can we survive it?


My Beautiful Chaos

Love wanes.

That’s what my missing groom told me over the phone . . . on our wedding day, no less.

I wasn’t about to go down that road again—love, marriage, forever. I had enough on my plate serving as deputy general counsel of our family business and keeping my matchmaking parents off my back.

Then Wayland Ramirez comes roaring back into my life.

The boy who asked me to be his girlfriend in middle school. The man I shared a sizzling night of passion with five years ago. The man who made me trust him . . . then disappeared.

This time, I know better than to put my heart in anyone’s hands.

But when Dad throws down an ultimatum—bring a date to the office Christmas party or meet a stranger of his choosing—I spontaneously ask Wayland to play the part of my doting fake-boyfriend for a night.

He just wasn’t supposed to give an Oscar-winning performance.

Once more, his whispered words, his searing kisses, his body against mine almost have me believing that this could last. Almost.

I say love is a sham, a reservoir that depletes with time.

He says he wants it all—my todays and tomorrows.

But can I trust him with my tomorrows? Can I trust him to pick me up if I fall?

Because God knows, I am falling for this man.

My Perfect Remix

He was my best friend.

The fiercely protective boy who always caught me when I fell.


Until I moved away.


Now, ten years later, Logan Miller is a gorgeous, Grammy-winning DJ and a dedicated single dad—and hotter than any hit on the Billboards!


When our paths cross again, fantasies of him turn into reality.


I moved back to Austin to build a life outside the safety net of my wonderful, albeit overbearing, Indian family. Preferring the company of my old dog, my online games, and reruns of Marvel movies, I’m nowhere close to the type of woman who can handle a public life. The type of woman who’d be best suited for Logan Miller.


But when neither of us can control the gravitational pull of the other, we give in.


In limos, on mountains, on rooftops, in airplanes…


We create the perfect remix of a song written just for us.


But just when the beat of our hearts seem perfectly matched, perfectly in sync, his past threatens to shake the foundation he’s built so carefully. The only thing we can do is rely on the one thing that’s bonded us together—our love.


But will that be enough?

Surrender to the Stars

Vik Bedi was not supposed to be the one.

Arrogant, smooth-talking surgeons—who also happen to be Geminis—are bad news.

Our chemistry might be off the charts, but I’ve been burned by guys like him before.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson . . .

But in a moment of weakness, I foolishly allowed a one-time fling to get him out of my system.

Now I’m addicted—to his devilish smile, his heated gaze, and the way he steals my breath just by walking into the room. As a NICU nurse, I know how to be strong in the face of fear and chaos, but he knows when I just need to be held.

He’s slowly inching his way into the one part of me that he can never have—my heart.

They say the brightest stars burn the fastest, but I’m afraid he’ll leave me in embers.

Kismet in the Sky

After sitting next to him on a flight to Delhi eight years ago, I didn’t think I’d ever see the tall, green-eyed gorgeous stranger again.


Except in my dreams.


But now, Clark Cooper is the COO of my company and I’m going to have a lot more to lose than just my job if we act on our undeniable attraction.


We’ve traveled very different roads over the past eight years and carry a lot of baggage.


We’re both fueled by guilt. My guilt adheres me to marry the man my orthodox Indian parents choose. His guilt has him running from relationships, let alone marriage.


But you know what they say about the things we can’t have.


We always want them.